Hand & Body Balm Bar

Hand & Body Balm Bar

Heal and protect your skin with this product which is solid at room temperature but softens when rubbed in your hands so you can apply to your skin. ​


All organic base ingredients for each bar


shea butter

plant infused olive oil ​


~Stay Well~

A moisturizing hand sanitizer that contains essential oils of clove bud, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, & rosemary. It heals dryness and kills germs. ​ ​


~Lavender Thyme~

A moisturizing hand and body balm that contains essential oils of lavender & thyme which helps restore dried, cracked or chapped skin as it calms nervous tension, exhaustion, anxiety & helps balance emotions.


​~Frankincense~ A moisturizing balm that contains essential oils of frankincense which hydrates dry, aging, mature skin and also calms anxiety, nervous tension & obsessive thinking. (Only available in a 2 ounce size).


Available in .5 ounce tin & 2 ounce bar in tin.